* More on race and literacy

Nando chapel hill newsMary Carey, a columnist for the Chapel Hill News, published this article in the Chapel Hill News section of today’s News and Observer.  She asks some important questions about how the relationship between the racial achievement gap and effective literacy.  The current academic scandal at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill centers on disreputable efforts to keep black athletes eligible to play by padding their GPA’s with bogus classes.   Ms. Carey tackles the bottom line: Why are our black students unable to read?  What approaches work best?  She cites the Orton Gillingham approach, used by the nonprofit St. Augustine’s Project, as a shining example of how to teach ALL kids to read.  I say YES!!!
The following is a copy of her article.
carey article 1
carey article 2
carey article 3

2 thoughts on “* More on race and literacy

  1. ​The gaps in school achievement among racial/ethnic groups and economic groups are persistent and well-documented

    “Effective partnerships that get results for our students are key in closing gaps, their volunteers and teachers who work with students every day and are having a positive impact.”

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