* Check out Mihran the pianist

MihranIn this blogging adventure, I have most enjoyed getting to know other bloggers and seeing the world through their eyes.  I’m continually amazed at the diversity of skills and accomplishments.  A faithful follower of my blog, Mihran Kalaydjian, is someone who continually reblogs posts from other bloggers, introducing me (and the blogging world) to people I might otherwise have missed.  If you read Mihran’s About page, you may be surprised, as I was, to see that he works in the hotel industry.  He’s also a talented pianist with a FaceBook page, Mihran KalaydjianPiano Melodies.  I have already enjoyed listening to his music and hope you do, too!

23 thoughts on “* Check out Mihran the pianist

  1. Hello. Mihrank is definitely a gift and a blessing to many bloggers. He is so beautifully unselfish in his willingness to always expose others and their work on a frequent basis. By the way, your blog is pretty special too. I am now following so that I can take a closer look at our work. Have a great day! 🙂

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