* Discovery Education for dealing with bullying and more

discovery educationWant a video that depicts common classroom bullying?  What about strategies to reduce bullying?  Check out Discovery Education, a for-profit organization that provides access to more than 170,000 digital resources on bullying and about every other topic you can imagine.  When I first started using online videos for social skills instruction, my school subscribed to United Streaming.  United Streaming and Discovery Education are now combined, with an impressive array of resources categorized by topic and curriculum standards.  This online resource can be purchased by school districts and also includes: teacher training; an emphasis on STEM curricula and careers; options for teacher-created materials (such as quizzes and writing prompts); and teacher-directed, individualized support for students who are unable to attend school.

One of my primary uses of this website has been for social skills instruction.  Although I have typically used my own students for developing videos, these online resources normalize a variety of social experiences for kids, as well as allowing me to work with students individually while others are productively engaged.  A quick search for ‘bullying’ produces 188 resources, many of which can be downloaded and edited for and by students.  Some of these materials were produced about 10 years ago, but depict scenarios which are still relevant today.

Discovery Education also provides free teacher, parent, and student resources, most of which are average or so-so in quality. Parent resources include articles on motivation, summer activities, free clip art, and homework help.  The best student resource is a math homework helper, but it would require good reading skills and like the parent resources, the page is cluttered with advertisements.  (Perhaps not if you use Firefox with Adblock Plus….)  On the other hand, here’s an example of their free animated clip art, one of hundreds available, and my first animated clip art on this blog!  ani-dance1

2 thoughts on “* Discovery Education for dealing with bullying and more

  1. Whose responsibility is it to stop bullying from occurring? This is still unresolved in the schools in United States.

    1. As a class, talk about what it means to be a “bully”.
    2. Have students think of words that might be associated with a “bully” (examples: loud, mean, popular, etc.) Write these words on the board or overhead.
    3. Have students think of words that might be associated with a “victim” (examples: weak, different, studious, etc.) Write these words on the board or overhead.
    4. Place additional vocabulary words (attached list of 10) on the board, overhead or in hand out form. Have students work in assigned groups of two. Try to pair up students who might not usually choose to work together. Have them define the 10 vocabulary words. Using a dictionary or computer, the paired groups should write their definitions on paper or handout.


    • Yes, you’re right that bullying still occurs despite the expressed emphasis on dealing effectively with it. I think it’s sometimes hard for people to like those who appear different and some people also step on others to “lift themselves” up. Yuck to both. Thanks for your comments, as always.


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