* Five Minute Friday- Thank a teacher

Thanks to Kate for her Friday writing challenge, which I found on Clothed With Joy, a favorite site of mine.

I have 5 minutes to write, no editing or do-overs, so here we go.  Oops, what is my topic?

I’ve been thinking about all the teachers I know who work like crazy, day and night, weekends and holidays. They love their students and hope that those in their care will be the better for time spent in their class.  These teachers are bombarded with one new initiative after another, tremendous amounts of paperwork, and pressure to perform in a system that may barely reflect why they chose teaching in the first place.  Would you take the time to thank one of them?  

Of course I want to give you some ideas for showing your gratitude:

1.  Ask your child if they would like to draw a picture of themselves with their teacher.  Or just the teacher.  I adore the pictures that kids create; it’s terrific to see the world through their their eyes.  This one was impromptu, while a student was supposed to be working.  Well, I guess she was!


2.  Write a note to your child’s teacher, telling them three things you appreciate about them.  “Thank you for smiling as you cleaned up my child’s spilled lunch, for letting my child hold a praying mantis, and for telling my twice exceptional child that they don’t need to do homework after a looooong day at school.”

3.  Ask your child to share the funny things Mrs. X says at school.  Write them down.  Send a copy to the teacher to remind her of school day fun:

“Try to ignore those footsteps on the roof; those guys are trying to fix our leaking ceiling.  No, there’s no such thing as a zombie.”

“Let’s hope that Tim feels better; someone should be here soon to clean up that mess.  Yes, it does stink.  Watch out, Tracy!  It’s OK, we’ll get your shoes all cleaned up.”

“My back is stuck like this.  Yes, it hurts a bit.  Could one of you go next door and ask Mrs. Dear to come here quickly?  No, not ALL of you!  But quickly, please!”

“The principal is coming soon.  She just wants to watch ME, not you.  What should you be doing while she watches ME?  Yes, working.  Yes, that’s right, being kind to one another.  Good, raising your hand.  Oh yes, listening to me.  I think I hear… hello, Dr. Pam!  What a surprise!”

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