* Hoarding

Ask almost any teacher if they collect odds and ends to use on their class.  Each one will tell you that they save corks or styrofoam or buttons or cardboard tubes because, wait for it… I MAY NEED THESE SOME DAY!  After all these years, even though I haven’t actually needed most of it (my husband would say any of it), I still collect teacher “valuables.”  The hardest part for me in leaving one school for another is that I must handle every treasure, evaluate its usefulness, and promptly pack it into one of almost a hundred boxes.  I have this little metal roller skate, about 1 inch long, with wheels that actually turn.  I have four boxes of old fire engines.  I have marbles, chalk, board games with essential missing parts, rolls of adding machine tape, and plastic Easter eggs shaped like frogs and basketballs. Sometimes I watch that hoarding show on TV to scare myself out of a few valuables, but as soon as I toss them, you know what happens, right?  I kind of need them.  Not a life or death thing, but I’m sad that I don’t have those old telephone wires or my pressed flower collection.  There are resources for hoarding out there (see image below), but no one truly understands this passion for valuables except another teacher.  Believe me, the life of a teacher has its share of heartache.jillskitchen

2 thoughts on “* Hoarding

  1. Yep, I know hoarding! One of my favorite hoards is a collection of random items that I jumble into story boxes; I put ten to twenty items in a box and tell students to create a story (or some part of a story, like the first chapter of a mystery) that incorporates all but a few of the items. It’s fun to see how and where different students choose to use the items in the plot, setting, or characterization.


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