* A world without writing

What a fun and insightful teacher this is! Her thought-provoking lesson would inspire the most reluctant writer. Discovery Education is a great resource, if you haven’t tried it.

Ginger In A Snap

On Friday afternoons I work with a group of 5th graders for reading and writing. Today I had a video for them to watch on Discovery Education which has to be my new favorite teaching resource. It has tons of video clips on every topic imaginable for a variety of grade levels.

The clip I had them watch today was about the development of writing in ancient Mesopotamia. Afterwards they were working through a response journal. I had asked them to brainstorm some things the write down every day with the intention of getting them to think about how difficult life would be without a written language.

Being the uniquely minded kids that they are, though, this group started coming up with an elaborate system for getting by without writing. They were discussing different roles they would perform and who would be responsible for remember what information. We ran out…

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