* The teacher’s lounge

Seriously?  Have you ever seen teachers lounging?  I suppose it must happen somewhere, but not in my lifetime.  At my last school, a couple of principals devoted some time and money to decorating the far side of a mail room during the summer break.  With a couch, coffee table, and inspirational print, voila, they created a place for teachers to lounge.  Sadly, there was no time to use it.  Sure, we might sit down if we were waiting to talk to an administrator or insurance rep, but that was it.  That is why I was so fascinated by this makeover of a teacher’s lounge (from an article on Pinterest).  The before and after photos are amazing.  (TV producer turned decorator,  Bryan Patrick Flynn teamed up with The Editor at Large and Staples to turn this dismal Rhode Island teachers’ lounge into a happy, cheery, dare I say inspiring, break room.)



Since it CAN be done, I have created this online teacher’s lounge as a place to sit and chat, enjoy the wild and funny things that kids say, and actually finish a sentence with another adult.  Forget the classes; a parent volunteer has it all in hand.

So here’s what a kid said to me.  I was walking purposefully down the hallway to collect my lunch bunch group.  A fifth grader was leaning against the wall, waiting for his class to inch forward.  He looked up at me and said thoughtfully, “Hey, you WORK here, don’t you? I mean, this is your JOB, right?”  I smiled and nodded.  He was amazed.  “You get paid to work here,” he said in amazement.  I’m not sure exactly what he had been thinking.  It was definitely open to interpretation.

What do you think?  Any teacher talk to share?

4 thoughts on “* The teacher’s lounge

  1. I’m no teacher as you know but I get to go in lots of schools an I’ve never seen a teachers lounge like that. Maybe f they served beer and wine more teachers would use the lounge. Oh well just a doodle thought


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