* So This Happened Today

This is an excellent post for beginning a dialog about the roots of this problem and how to best address it.

I'm Not Miss Beadle

This afternoon, as I was walking my first graders along the outside walkway to their Fine Arts class, we happened upon a kindergarten class returning to their room after lunch.  My group stopped to allow the little ones to cross in front of us to get to their door. 

Somewhere along the way, one of the kinders ran headfirst into one of the steel beams that supports the overhang.  I could hear the resounding ‘dong’ and figured stitches were in this little dude’s near future.  His teacher checked him carefully and, surprisingly, although he was wailing at the top of his lungs, he didn’t seem to be injured.  As this was happening, the teacher was trying to send another kinder ahead into the classroom due to his increasingly frantic ‘pee pee dance’. 

From my perspective, the next thirty seconds happened as if they were in slow motion.  Pee pee kid…

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