* I was uncertain….

This post is a writing challenge from The Daily Post. The directions (by Cheri Lucas Rowlands) were simple: choose an image from their gallery (or one of my own) as a setting and pick one of the opening lines.

Here we go:countryside

I was uncertain, but kept going.  It was possible that Kevin had run in this direction.  I had last seen him as he bolted away from our class excursion to a pig farm.  Kevin was doubled over and holding his nose, but still managed to evade my outstretched arm.  In fact, he was over a fence and out of sight before I could scream for help.  My assistant shook her head.  “Not going over that fence.  No way.”  That left either me or the bus driver.  I could see cigarette smoke drifting up from the far side of our bus, so I figured that left me.

“Don’t let anyone else escape!” I called back.

I could hear my assistant laughing as I fell over the fence into the soggy ground.  I felt desperate, knowing that losing a student was no small matter.  But honestly, it was a relief to be away from the overpowering stench of that farm.  Nothing could have prepared me for such a sickening odor.  I thought we were going to play with cute pigs like Babe, but all we had seen were enormous, filthy creatures waddling around in a dreadful mixture of manure and mud.

Still no sign of Kevin.  Perhaps he had hidden in that clump of trees ahead.  I paused to breathe fresh air.  It was no small matter to lose a student, but my lungs were recovering from the vile onslaught of that farm.  I felt invigorated and renewed.  Perhaps I would never find Kevin.  Did I even care anymore?  I was uncertain, but kept going.

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