* Reflections #2

By the numbers, it’s day 11 in my bogging adventure and this is my 35th post.  What fun!   Here’s what I have learned:

  • As a species, bloggers are really kind.  They encourage one another, take the time to read what others write, and comprise a HUGE library of voices, images, events, ideas, and everyday life.
  • WordPress makes it easy to blog.  There’s even a little tab that pops up once in while to see if I need help.  I’m not sure what triggers that, but I feel supported.
  • I am too focused on my stats.  I watch those blue boxes rise and fall, fall, fall.  Then I fret, fret, fret.
  • I am too focused on my stats.  That prompts me to remember why I am doing this: I’d like to contribute to the wonderful world of special education.
  • I am so grateful to be in special education.  It is the perfect fit for me!
  • Blogging enables me to communicate with folks from all over the place.  I love that!  I love looking at the flags from all the countries where people have read this blog.  It’s my vicarious world traveling.
  • I have a new definition of “slug.”   Thanks, WordPress.
  • My husband is wondering if this is a good idea.
  • I am drawn to blogging instead of Spider Solitaire.  I think that’s probably good.
  • Blogging is not what I had imagined.  I thought it was going to be impossibly difficult, but it’s a delight.

Can you tell me: What is it like to have blogged for a month?  A year?  What have you learned through your blogging experiences?

5 thoughts on “* Reflections #2

  1. Hi Katharine,
    I love your blog and I’m glad you like blogging!! I did to a point. I loved the writing part and feeling like I was part of a world wide community but, (there’s always a but) since my old blog really depended on pictures, it was very time consuming. The writing was the fun part. Taking pictures and uploading them every week took a toll on me. Also, working full time and blogging!! More power to those who can do that!! Your blog is so much fun to read! Keep the posts coming!


    • Thanks, Carolyn. I know what you mean about images and photos would be even harder. Except that you have lovely hands! If I used photos of my hands, I’d be banished. I want to say again that I wouldn’t be blogging except for your example and encouragement. You are my inspiration. Thank you, thank you.


  2. I’ve been doing this since mid-June. I had just come out of a horrendous litigation matter with my son and his special education, and I wrote his story on another blog. I hadn’t written in years, and the other blogger suggested I start my own. I did, and the rest is history! I’ve learned stats aren’t everything. If you write for your stats, it will end up causing you to lose what makes your blog special in the first place.

    I had no idea the world of special education could be so diverse. I tend to go for the “investigative” stories in my state. They take up a lot of time and research, but it’s opened up some eyes in my state. But sometimes, I will just get on and type what I am thinking at the time, kind of like a free write, and those are the ones that sometimes shock me with the readership.

    I do promote my blog quite a bit on Twitter and Facebook. I used to wonder why I didn’t get a lot of comments on my blog, but then I realized people are commenting on my Twitter and Facebook accounts! I’ve learned a lot from Exceptional Delaware. Sometimes it guides me, instead of me writing it. It’s kind of like characters taking on a life of their own.


    • Thanks for your helpful comments, Kevin. I will try to remember your advice. I like the way you put that: “If you write for your stats….” Very telling, isn’t it? I haven’t found a lot of special education blogs out there. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I also love the look of your blog and thought at first that it was Delaware’s official special education site! You could pass legislation on your blog! Thanks again for sharing.


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