* My dearest widower

My husband of 42 years and best friend for 45 (yes, I had to use a calculator) now declares himself a Blogging Widower.  He just came out here, where I am hunched over my computer, gave me a kiss, and announced his new status.  He’s been a Teacher Widower for 41 years, so this is not an entirely new role for him.   You would love him if you met him.  All my students who have met him always ask when he’s coming back.  He has made many runs to school when I frantically ask him to bring my lunch, that file folder, my purse, the materials I need RIGHT NOW to teach, my phone, and my planner (for all the good that has done me).  He’s also made trips to school when I have taken his house and office keys to work; fortunately, he keeps his car keys in a separate place.

He writes a lot for his job but it’s slow going.  First of all, he has really hard stuff to write.  Second, he’s a perfectionist about that first paragraph.  I agree that the first paragraph is important, but I’ve suggested he skip it and “just” start writing.  But my husband is careful and precise and analytical.  When he finishes something, it’s a jewel.  My writing feels more like what you get out of a rock tumbler.  A teaching tip: don’t tumble rocks in your class.   It’s a lot like having a cement mixer parked in the room.  There are no fumes but you can’t be heard above the rumble.  And after all that racket, the outcome can be pure misery.  Imagine the eager faces of kids who are waiting for huge, shiny gems to pocket, when their rocks and minerals have crumbled into dust.  And the more paranoid ones think I have taken the diamonds out for myself.  But who said there are no riches in teaching?

18 thoughts on “* My dearest widower

      • Not at all, you truly deserve the award. I find your posts very interesting.
        You can take as much time as you like with the conditions because they can be a little tedious.
        Congratulations 🙂


  1. Hello! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I see on this comment section that you have already participated. Do you want me to go ahead and post here that you have been chosen again any how? I think that is a great honor, don’t you? You certainly do not have to do all the work. But I found that my wife has been going nearly crazy with my doing the requirements all week. Keep up the great writing.

    Dear Blogger:
    I am recently nominated for The Liebster Award. I have chosen to accept the award and to do what is required. One requirement is to “pay it forward”: to nominate other bloggers. So I have chosen to nominate you for this award whose purpose is “mainly a fun way for bloggers to encourage each other, and partake in the fun of blogging,” says the WP Support Staff.

    I do hope you will consider participating in the project. Thanks. If you want to read my project completion, look at my recent blog posting: “‘And the Award Goes to…’: My Liebster Award”

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  2. Hi,
    I’m really excited to find your blog and the more I read, the more I find in common. I was particularly interested to read a teacher blog atm as the new school year has just started here in Australia and I’m trying to get us off to a fresh start…a new year, a new family! So far, so good. I would love your feedback on a piece I wrote a few days ago about planning our back to school. Time management and getting stuff organized is a huge challenge here for both of the kids and myself, exacerbated by some disability and health issues and I’m sure being creative doesn’t help either. Here’s the link: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2018/02/03/back-to-the-real-world-a-new-school-year/?wref=tp
    Best wishes,

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    • I read it and loved it. It was a great post and now I understand your comments. We have a lot in common re: organization materials. I have so many planners and can’t seem to use any of them effectively. So glad you left the link!

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      • Thank you very much. We have a meet and greet with the teachers this afternoon so I’m going to take my grid with me and get some advice. They all know us up there and are very understanding but I’d like to see us launch forward this year. Show that once you’re identified a problem or personal weakness, that you can actually take steps overcome it or at least reduce it.
        Knowing, I’ll probably end up so focused on that, that a new crack will develop somewhere else and a writing project will lead me right off the garden path and into the clouds. For better or worse, we are who we are. Best wishes,

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      • Meeting s went really well. One of my son’s teachers colour coded his timetable for him. Most helpful. She’s had him for the last two years and has been working hard to help him get organized and her husband is my OT.

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      • That’s super. Color-coding can be a really great strategy. I’ve used it with binders and notebooks, so they match the color we chose for the subject. And those binders with see-through covers allow for messages like, “Turn in homework. Copy new assignments.” Thanks for keeping me posted! I’ve been working like crazy and I’m sorry to be so delayed in responding.

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