* Reflections #1

As my first week online draws to a close, it’s interesting to reflect on my new blogging adventure.  This is yet another (huge) niche of which I had little previous awareness.  I’m sure that’s happened to you.  Travel to an unfamiliar city, watch a new sport, walk through a fall festival, and there’s a whole other universe of interests and activities.   I’ve been able to stroll through some new streets this week, reading about lives across the ocean and in my own state.  I’m impressed with the candor of bloggers and refreshed by the novelty of new voices and new perspectives.  As I mentioned to someone, I also felt like I gave up bits of my soul in the process of registering for one upgrade or tool after another.  I hope my phone number and image are not splashed all over the web right now.  I want to be of use to others as they teach, but just as in the “real world” of teaching, relationships are at the core of it all.  Without a genuine love for students and a passion for teaching, the classroom is empty and lifeless.  Thanks for joining me!

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